Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Daybed for the Barnetts

Okay, so I can show you Bethany and Kelly's Christmas present because they've already seen it. As you can see, the covers on their daybed (which was in my parents house when I was growing up and originally belonged to my Aunt Valeta) were looking pretty sad.
Not only were there stains, but Kelly in particular did not like how after you stood up the seat still bore an impression of your backside.They asked that I recover them (while I was down in Miami for Thanksgiving) as my Christmas present to the both of them.
So, Bethany and I went to Calico Corners and waited around forever for an employee to finally come help us cut the fabric that we wanted selected this fabric.
Then I came up with a plan for cutting out the pieces of fabric I needed. Please do not look closely at my drawing. It is embarrassing how not-to-scale it is.
Then, I cut and pinned and sewed the cushions. And seam-ripped my bad stitching and pinned and sewed them again. Ugh. We also decided that she needed some sort of 'pop' of color on the couch so we picked out some throw pillow fabric (which we got for a STEAL!) and I sewed throw pillows too.
Many hours later (far too many because of my dumb mistakes), Kelly and Bethany have a new look for their daybed.
Part of the reason for this upgrade is because they were moving the daybed into their family room to serve as their couch.
If you look closely at the mirror on this page, you can see the satisfied homeowners in the reflection. I am most satisfied that I was able to get this all done while I was there and I didn't have to mail them a Christmas gift. Merry Christmas to all (well, to Bethany and Kelly) and to all a good night!


Bethany said...

YAY!!! We love it! Looks great, excellent workmanship! Love you!

ChrisandMissy said...

It looks amazing, Rachel. You are pretty nifty.

Susanna (aka Susi) said...

i have to say, i can't believe you managed to do all this during your visit. seriously, woman, how on earth? it's amazing.

no joke, rachel, you need your own boutique or custom order business or something. you know, in all that free time you have raising a toddler, being a pastor's wife, making amazing gifts for other people, and keeping my brother in line.