Saturday, June 5, 2010


It seems like the only thing I've had time to sew lately are Diapers and Wipes cases. This one was for Baby Eller and it seems plain enough from the outside...
But what's that peeking out from behind the black and white polka dots?
PINK! The Ellers are having a baby girl!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


For those of you who might be worrying that I will find myself aimlessly drifting without a specific goal, I've got good news. My new goal is to floss my teeth everyday. It's something I've never been very consistent about doing and it's a easy goal. I need an easy goal. Life with a newborn is not a time for grandiose dreams. And yes, I am serious. Flossing my teeth daily is my new goal. I know my dentist and my father will be happy.

12FOR2010: Just Kidding!

Okay so I know I've been MIA from this blog for a long time. But first I was sick. Then I went to London. Then I had a baby. And then I got really busy. I forgot how much work newborns can be! And did I mention that I was still sick? Until around mid-May?! Ugh. But now I'm back. And I've got a new focus!
Remember the main goal that I set for this year? It was to "get my priorities straight and serve others." I wanted to work with diligent hands to serve my husband and children. Well, I've been better at doing this but honestly, to blog about all of it here takes away from my time to serve my husband and my kids.
I read plenty of blogs where the women seem to have their whole act together -- they can set huge goals, they can take care of their family, they can keep their house clean, they can love their husbands, all while maintaining a consistent string of posts on their adorable blogs. I figured that these women were just naturally more focused and driven than me and thus their lives were perfect. Well, perhaps it is true that the majority of the world is more focused and driven than I am. But I've also learned that the writers of two of my favorite blogs (here and here) have hired help for either childcare of household cleaning or both. Reading that made me feel a lot better about just not being able to keep up.
And leave it to me to turn a goal of serving into a goal of self-promoting. I thought if I could just show the world that I am as put together and cool as the writers of every other blog, I would become the bees knees and everyone would love me. Ew. Sometimes I disgust myself with how selfish I can be! This is exactly why I set this goal -- to get my focus off myself!
So, I'm giving up (ouch it hurts to write those words!) on my original 12 month/12 goal plan. Instead I'm going to continue to serve my family as best as I can and not worry so much about telling you about it on this blog. I hope you aren't offended by that! The 12 goals are all present in my head so I won't forget them. I'm just going to forget about trying to keep up with them here. Again, don't take it personally.
I will continue to reflect on Proverbs 31 and if I get motivated, I'll throw in some other mini-goals based on my original plan for this year. But, it takes a huge load off my shoulders to back away from trying to do it all and blog about it all!
That being said, I did carry out my goals for February and March (April and May passed by with no goals in place) and I'll be posting about those in the near future so you can know how I faired. So stick around if you are still interested and I'll be back soon.