Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Things I Love! (Salt and Pepper)

This week, you get two Thursday Things I Love for the price of one! Okay so I'm not charging you, but you get the idea.
Let's start with these. For Mother's Day my super-fab husband bought me the salt and pepper shakers that match our New Wave dishes.
I LOVE them!
And because I have them on the dining room table, I can now leave my other shakers on the stove within easy reach of any food I need to flavor.
But this caused another problem. The pepper mill was always dropping little black bits across the top of my white stove. Frustrating!
Thankfully -- I have a friend who is a ceramics wizard. Carrie made us this fabulous tray just for us.
The glaze is actually a lot more blue-green than it appears in these pictures and it works nicely with all the other blue in our kitchen and dining room.
Best of all, it works! No more continually cleaning up pepper for me! Thank you thank you thank you Carrie!


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I have a takeoff of those white salt/pepper shakers from Target for $3. But you can tell they cost $3 because they POUR the salt and pepper (maybe I should get a coarser grind, too?!)
But anyway, I bet yours work MUCH nicer than mine. But I was amazed that mine look so similar!
(And then I was so pleased with myself for having similar taste to a fashion/design guru like yourself!) :)

Z Mom said...

It's nice to see the s/p tray in use....I saw it on C's blog and had some guesses as to what it was, none of my guesses were s/p tray....Eye glasses I was sure of, you know for those big coke bottle types that no one wears anymore....Anyway...Nice to see it again.