Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYR #25 Grocery Bag Dispenser

Just in the nick of time I finished my final project of my New Year's Resolution last night!
I loosely followed this tutorial (I clearly didn't piece together the fabric and I used a ribbon instead of more fabric for the hanging tab) to make a Grocery Bag Dispenser.
Actually made two. One for our pantry and one for Rock's room. --For his stinkies if you must know. Although I hope to potty train him soon so it'll be for Shin's stinkies when she is born.I would have gotten more pictures but someone was awful busy hugging the dispensers... I'm glad he likes them.


Susanna said...

Congratulations on a mission accomplished! These are a great idea, btw.

Nancy said...

You get such great fabrics, Rachel! Congratulations on your 25 projects--COMPLETED! Doesn't that feel amazing!?! I must say, I think I'm going to be back at my sewing machine very's been 8 years. Now having an American Girl doll in our home, and seeing the price tag for her clothing, makes me want to relearn how to sew. I think I'm going to give it another go. Up for some tutorials? Can't wait to hear what the NYR is for 2010!!