Tuesday, June 1, 2010


For those of you who might be worrying that I will find myself aimlessly drifting without a specific goal, I've got good news. My new goal is to floss my teeth everyday. It's something I've never been very consistent about doing and it's a easy goal. I need an easy goal. Life with a newborn is not a time for grandiose dreams. And yes, I am serious. Flossing my teeth daily is my new goal. I know my dentist and my father will be happy.


sojournerdiaries said...

hey Mrs. Fix, I'm M. Found your blog months ago when I was surfing the net for project ideas and your blog was mentioned on sew mama sew. I know it's been quiet for you blogwise for a while but I really could relate to the last couple of posts :) I live overseas right now and life it pretty overwhelming right now, so like you my goal is to floss every day. Small victories.

you're welcome to check out my family blog-but if I give the impression I've got anything figured out it's only that I am deeply in need of JC. Every second. Love your blog!

Susanna said...

And I will be happy!!! I love dental hygiene! If you need an incentive, think of Linda. Imagine her saying, "You have excellent home care." It's what keeps me going between appointments.

Deb said...

Rachel, You are adorable. That's all I can say. ADORABLE!
(and that is a very good goal too)