Monday, August 25, 2008

Martha I am NOT.

So those who know me best know that I love to be creative. However, if you know me even better than those who know me best, you know that I am wretchedly poor at finishing what I start. In an effort to change this, I've started this blog. I hope that it will motivate me to finish all those undone projects that are sitting around my house (there are nine that come to mind immediately). My goal is to post a completed task once a week.

A rare completed work... Wine bag for brother-in-law.

It will also provide a venue for me to share tips/ thoughts/ ideas that I've come across. I will never be Martha Stewart, but Lord willing, I hope to get a few things done before I die. Okay that sounds cryptic. I'll try and keep it more upbeat from here on out.

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Lynn said...

Hey, girl! Thanks for directing us this way! You are SO creative, and I can't wait to see what you create here. I love everything you've posted so far.... not doing projects for others...does that mean I can't order an apron? :o)