Saturday, January 3, 2009

Addy's Pajama Pants

I made these pajama pants for Addy by making a pattern from a pair of Rock's old pajamas.
First, I measured and recorded the dimensions of Rock's pants. Figuring out the cuffs was a little tricky, but I finally got it.
Then I drew my own pattern... in pencil. I had to erase a few times to get it right.
Then I cut out the pattern...
Pinned it to the awesome fabric I got from SewMamaSew...
And cut that out.
Then I came up with a plan for sewing it together and sewed them (sorry, I forgot take pictures of that process!). I was very pleased with the end result. It matches this cute kimono top that I will post soon.

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Beck said...

Look at your creations! I need to blwo the dust off my sewing machine and get cracking again. Love that pink fabric. I looked at similar prints for C's crib bedding but went with a pink vintage floral Robert Allen fabric instead. Nice work! Love the apple dress, too!