Thursday, January 22, 2009

NYR #1, Christmas Wreath

I have made two New Years Resolutions this year. The first is to have 25 dinners with families from church. The second resolution is to do 25 things worthy of posting on this blog. Some 'design fixes' may be impressive, others may be small, but they are all crafty things that I want to accomplish this year.
I've thought of at least 20 things and I'm sure the rest of them will fall into place soon. Anyway, the first is pictured above. I embellished the Christmas wreath that I bought from IKEA by adding a bow made from jute upholstery webbing. I can't wait to hang it on the front door next Christmas. And yes, even though it is a Christmas wreath, I didn't decorate it until after the new year so it counts!


Nancy said...

Very pretty! (And I like how I can see your toes too=).)

Christel said...


Upholstery webbing always reminds me of Christmas!

My mom decorated strips with a bow and bells on the top and yarn ties all the way down where she'd tie a piece of candy for each day. On Christmas Morning we all shook the hanging strips of webbing so the bells rung - to wake our parents. (There's idea #21 for you).

Z Mom said...

I'm all about embelishing. I've never even heard of upholstry webbing, and I like Christel's bow and bell thing, sounds like a great advent tradition.
Trying to get crafty myself this year. I'm taking the seasonal approach. Making something for each season for Natalie, and learning to sew this year.

Your blog has inspired me to get going. Thanks