Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick Fix Friday (Khakis for Rock)

After last week's Quick Fix on a cute tank, I got to thinking that I should make the Quick Fix a regular feature on Design Fix. I plan to have one Quick Fix up here most (but certainly not all!) Fridays. That way, I will get around to doing the fixes that I never fix even though they are quick to fix! And now that I've used the word fix far too many times, here's this week's Quick Fix...
Someone's pants were having a hard time staying 'zipped.' In actuality, there is no zipper on these pants, but for some reason, Old Navy wanted to give them an "XYZ PDQ"** feel.
When I purchased the pants I didn't think it would be a problem but when Rock wore them to church and no fewer than four individuals thought his zipper was down, I decided to do something about it.
After pinning the crotch seams together...
I carefully stitched directly over top of the stitches that were already there and closed up the problem seam.
Look closely and you can see my stitches. They go right up to the edge of the waistband -- so I can still unbutton it to squeeze the pants over Rock's diaper.
And here they are on the boy! I know, not such a great picture.
But someone was very upset with me for taking off his shorts and not putting on his galoshes. This made him a particularly poor model for the 'after' shot.
It was quite traumatic. But even without a good picture, you get the idea, right? They are much improved!
** If you aren't familiar with this classic elementary school exclamation, XYZ PDQ stands for eXamine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick! Polite people know that it is always nice to quietly whisper to your friends "XYZ PDQ" instead of shouting "DUDE! YOU FORGOT TO ZIP UP YOUR FLY!"

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