Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Things I Love! (Glass Bowls)

Here's my first of what I hope will be another reoccurring feature on Design Fix... THURSDAY THINGS I LOVE! And the credit for this week's post goes to my husband, Fix.
He really wanted more bowls to use in our kitchen. Specifically, he wanted glass bowls. We had all of three stainless silver bowls to use for kitchen mixing/prepping and it was just not enough. Although we found some glass bowls we liked at Crate and Barrel but they were a little pricey.
Enter BJ's. Oh how that store has enriched my life! We found the bowls pictured here, plus 6 others for only $19.99! AND, included in the box were (red!) plastic lids for 20 of the 26 bowls. Why they didn't include lids for all of the bowls, I do not know...
But man-o-man, I love these things! They make kitchen prep SO much easier and because they have such nice clean lines, I can use them as serving dishes too. They match everything. So, there you go. The first Thursday Thing I Love!

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Lynn said...

I heart my glass bowl set. I use it all. the. time.