Tuesday, June 1, 2010

12FOR2010: Just Kidding!

Okay so I know I've been MIA from this blog for a long time. But first I was sick. Then I went to London. Then I had a baby. And then I got really busy. I forgot how much work newborns can be! And did I mention that I was still sick? Until around mid-May?! Ugh. But now I'm back. And I've got a new focus!
Remember the main goal that I set for this year? It was to "get my priorities straight and serve others." I wanted to work with diligent hands to serve my husband and children. Well, I've been better at doing this but honestly, to blog about all of it here takes away from my time to serve my husband and my kids.
I read plenty of blogs where the women seem to have their whole act together -- they can set huge goals, they can take care of their family, they can keep their house clean, they can love their husbands, all while maintaining a consistent string of posts on their adorable blogs. I figured that these women were just naturally more focused and driven than me and thus their lives were perfect. Well, perhaps it is true that the majority of the world is more focused and driven than I am. But I've also learned that the writers of two of my favorite blogs (here and here) have hired help for either childcare of household cleaning or both. Reading that made me feel a lot better about just not being able to keep up.
And leave it to me to turn a goal of serving into a goal of self-promoting. I thought if I could just show the world that I am as put together and cool as the writers of every other blog, I would become the bees knees and everyone would love me. Ew. Sometimes I disgust myself with how selfish I can be! This is exactly why I set this goal -- to get my focus off myself!
So, I'm giving up (ouch it hurts to write those words!) on my original 12 month/12 goal plan. Instead I'm going to continue to serve my family as best as I can and not worry so much about telling you about it on this blog. I hope you aren't offended by that! The 12 goals are all present in my head so I won't forget them. I'm just going to forget about trying to keep up with them here. Again, don't take it personally.
I will continue to reflect on Proverbs 31 and if I get motivated, I'll throw in some other mini-goals based on my original plan for this year. But, it takes a huge load off my shoulders to back away from trying to do it all and blog about it all!
That being said, I did carry out my goals for February and March (April and May passed by with no goals in place) and I'll be posting about those in the near future so you can know how I faired. So stick around if you are still interested and I'll be back soon.


Myrnie said...

:) One of the lovely things about most everyone reading our blogs in feed readers is that if we don't post for a month, we don't lose readers! They don't get tired of checking to see if we've updated, etc. Life definitely has seasons, and that's a wonderful thing. (And yes, Rae is inspiring and darling...and only blogs about twice a month. But sakes alive, that girl can sew!! :)

Beck said...

Loved this post. Your words are beautiful. Loving your family and being a successful wife and mom is worth far more than a cutely updated and fresh blog. Remember my Project {RENEW} series? Yup, so behind on blogging those things, although I have been getting them done. It is so nice to hear your honesty, because I can completely relate. Love you sweet friend!

sarah said...

Rachel, I think you're amazing. I think most of your readers would agree.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I am definitely still interested and will enjoy reading an update whenever my feed pops up that you have a new one.
But I am not offended at all and only admire you for being able to draw that line where you need to.

I'll just look forward to (hopefully) talking to you in person and hearing how your goals are going and what you're working on that month.


Bethany said...

I'm a little upset that I am not one of your favorite bloggers. I'm only just now realizing this because I have not hired help. Bummer. ;-)

Deb said...

Rachel, you are precious. And I love you! You do such a good job at whatever you tackle. Your ONLY problem is wanting to do it ALL! Patience dear. Smell the roses along the way, the ones right in front of your nose! (it's harder sometimes through stinky diapers!!)
And BTW, you do such a terrific job on your blogs, we will all keep checking back & enjoying them whenever you have any :)
I'm TERRIBLE at it...what's MY excuse??

Jogifi said...


I don't usually comment on blogs. However, I just finished reading this blog in its entirety and it made me want to comment. I had read parts of your blog before, but I went through it (current to old), and taking it all in at once, it is very impressive. You have become what you set out to become--a completer of projects. For creative talented types like yourself, the list of project possibilities grows exponentially. Compared to what many people accomplish you have excelled at overcoming what you described as a personal nemesis.

But in spite of all those accomplishments, from my perspective and observation, even more importantly I want you to know that I think you are a very good wife, mother, daughter, and friend.

Your recent decision to follow the Lord's prompting to focus on His priorities for you at this point in your life by putting a personal passion on the back burner gives me the greatest admiration and respect for you. May He bless you richly and deeply, and may you find joy and satisfaction in further expressing the creativity He has "designed" in you in your Proverbs 31 endeavors.

We love you and are so blessed that the Lord gave you to our son, to your children, to your family and to ours.

PJD (and NKM)

Jogifi said...

BTW, if you compare the picture of Rock in this posting to the projects described on June 6, 2009 [NYR #13: Beanbags, Flashcards and 'Staches, OH MY!], I think you finally sneaked the moustache in on the Rockstar!