Saturday, January 30, 2010

12FOR2010: January Wrap-Up

This is a pretty scary sight, but I'm posting it for a reason. To show you how crusty I've looked all month. Except for a three day long break, I've been sick since before Christmas. Just can't seem to get over these colds when I'm also making a baby.
So January kinda slipped away in between my naps. I'm in the middle of a few projects to finish up my January goal, but mostly, it wasn't completed as I would have liked. I am trusting that God knows best and that's why he wanted me to rest this month instead of getting things done. It's been tough, but I know it was from Him so I'm okay.
To wrap-up January, I'll look back at what I did/didn't accomplish:
1) As far as meal planning and a grocery list, found a solution that combines both of these. It's been three weeks now and I'm still loving this list. YAY!
2) I've found some healthier meal options this month, but I never blogged about them. I do plan on putting up some more recipes in the near future and some of those are healthy ones I've found. Stay tuned.
3) I've determined that coupon clipping is sorta worth my time. It's hard for me to plan all my meals around what's on sale, but I will be clipping from the local paper and the BJ's newsletter when and where they help with my meal plan. Perhaps I'll reexamine this approach at some point...
4) And speaking of BJ's, I love BJ's. I love that you can use coupons there (you can't at Costco). And I love that they have some smaller sized things, like half-gallons of milk and only three hearts of romaine. And I've decided that there are definitely some things that are worth buying in bulk. We have kept our membership there and will continue to use it.
4) I've decided that for now, it's best to not make all our own bread. I did get a bread machine making cookbook from the library this month and tried a few recipes but I've yet to find something that really works for sandwich bread. Plus our local supermarket carries great bread for not that much money. So for now, I'll make the few bread recipes that we like (a good honey wheat, a good herb bread, and a good pizza crust) and we'll buy the rest.
5) I found some local farmers markets (here, here, and here) that are open on days besides Sunday. YAY! Unfortunately, they won't be open until May. BOO! But I'll let you know how shopping goes then!
6) Finally, organization. I've halfway organized the pantry. I haven't started on the fridge. But I will finish both of these projects and post the pictures soon.

And that's how January wrapped up for me! I'll post February's goal on Tuesday!


Lynn said...

You did A LOT considering how you've been feeling. Great effort.

I would LOVE to explore these farmers markets with you. Let me know!

Susanna said...

Lynn's right - it sounds like you did a good bit for being sick. At least you made an effort, even if you felt rotten. I'm impressed.