Saturday, February 13, 2010

12FOR2010: Pantry Part Two

The Pantry and has been organized! Sorta. As I look at these pictures, I realize that it doesn't look all that different from before. And there are a few things I still want to add. But for now, this will do and I'm glad I went through it and threw out the old stuff.
These shelves might not look organized, but they are much more organized than before. On the door it's dishtowels on the top, followed by random grains and breast milk bags (I'll need those real soon!) on shelf two. Shelf three is stuff for PB&J's and Nutella. Shelf three is for snacky things. Shelf four is more snacky things and the bottom shelf is extra plastic bags and plastic forks.Then moving inside, the top shelf of the pantry is devoted to cook books and candy. I put the candy up high to keep it away from someone's little hands!
Moving down, shelf two is for spices and cans on the left side. The middle section is for nuts and rice and grains. The right side is for tea (front) and dried fruit (in the back since we don't access it as much as tea).Shelf three is baking central. The one exception is the plastic container of fruit snacks (can I get an witness for the awesomeness of Fruitabu?).
I love these jars from Ikea. They are from the SLOM collection and they are just $3.99 each. I might purchase some more for other food storage in the future. For now, they are labeled for sugar, bread flour, whole wheat flour, white flour, and powdered sugar.
Shelf four has cereal on the left. Behind the cereal is our liquid storage -- for our very small 'liquor cabinet' and our extra olive oil, vinegar, etc. The right side is full of pasta, canned and jarred tomato products, and a big ole bag of rice.
The bottom shelf is for drinks on the left and paper/plastic products on the right.
In front of that is our extra ZAZZ (world's greatest fizzy water!) and juice boxes. And that's about it!
I'd like to get a wall organizer for the extra parchment paper, ziploc freezer bags and craft paper hiding behind the ZAZZ, but I can live with things as they are. And my label maker is out of label tape at the moment so the areas are not as labeled as I'd like it to be, but again, you can go crazy trying to hyper organize. For now, I'm just glad I can see everything that's in there and I can say "A sorta place for everything and everything sorta in it's place."

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