Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cool Mom or Design Disaster?

Quick question.
This is a rug/play mat from IKEA. I think Rock would enjoy playing with his cars and trucks on it. And I would love to have him close at hand while I cook/do things in the kitchen. Meanwhile, our kitchen rug is pretty small and I have wanted to update it with a bigger model for some time.
So my question is would I be a cool mom if I bought it and used it as kitchen rug or would that just prove that I no longer have any design? I'd really appreciate some honest feedback.
p.s. I'd especially appreciate the honest feedback of my husband.


Fix said...

Hmm...all I can think is that we won't be able to step anywhere near this thing if it truly is a rug for "trucks and cars and things that go."

Myrnie said...

My kitchen is so small that I can't work if there are children on the floor- they play in the adjacent room. Maybe your kitchen is bigger? If it is, that would be AWESOME :)

Mrs. Fix said...

Myrnie -- our kitchen is big enough to acommodate kids playing at the same time as mom cooks! Glad to hear you don't think I'm crazy.

ChrisandMissy said...

I would go crazy if I had cars and trucks in the kitchen, but your space is much bigger than mine. Would you consider putting in front of the couch in the room off the dining room?
Also, sorry it's not looking like we can get together before you go to can bring Rock's duvet and buttons to church if you want or we can try to meet up after you return and before your go into labor. =)

sarah said...

Hmm... Trucks and cars in the kitchen could be a major health hazard for adults. But your kithcen does feel big enough for it. I think it's really cute.