Monday, February 2, 2009

NYR #3, Slipcover Success!!!

Remember when I posted this picture and told you not to lose hope because the slipcover was on it's way? That was back in August.
Then right before Rock's birthday in September, we made some major progress. I finished sewing most of the 'body' of the slipcover and my dear hubby Fix completed 4 of 6 cushions.
At that point, all we needed to finish the slipcover was to sew velcro on some key areas to keep the cover from moving around and finish the last two back cushions (cleverly covered by a blanket in the shot above).
Oh and the bottom edge needed to be hemmed. But seriously, all those little steps left us with approximately 9 hours of work left.
Yet for months, the slipcover stayed in the same state as pictured above. Even though it has been on each and every to do list I've made, somehow it never got crossed off.
This one shows that I did sew the piping for the cushions back in October, but did I get around to actually completing the slipcover? NO!
Slipcover, oh slipcover, you have plagued us so!
HALLELUJAH!!!! After a little work on Saturday night and Monday afternoon, I will no longer need to make excuses when people sit down in my living room!
**Okay, so there is one teeny, tiny issue -- the fabric is a little thicker than we thought and we are having problems making covered buttons. As soon as we can get this problem fixed (any suggestions anyone?), we'll slap some buttons on the back pillows to give it a nice tufted look and be officially finished. But please don't rain on my parade -- for all intents and purposes, I am declaring this slipcover "DONE." Wahoo!


Nancy said...

I saw this before I saw you last night. How could I have forgotten to say something to you? CONGRATULATIONS! It looks awesome!!

Rachel said...

I made a slipcover for my couch, and the whole process took about a year and a half. I used lots of blankets and draping in the interim.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

It looks FANTASTIC and I"m SO GLAD you took so many pictures of it!!! I can't wait to see it in person! And buttons or not, I think it looks PERFECT just the way it is! A work well done, my friend! How proud will you be to tell your kids that you and your husband MADE (kindof) that couch?! So awesome that you can do that! And I don't know how expensive that fabric was...but I am absolutely in LOVE with it!!! I would love to have pillows for my living room that look just like that!