Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NYR #6, Magnetic Wall

Growing up, my mom created a collage of friends and family on our fridge. Every year, she would put up the pictures received in Christmas cards and leave them there until the next years cards started arriving.
While I love this tradition, my husband doesn't love a cluttered fridge. So we came up with a compromise. I put the pictures on the side of the fridge where they were less visible.
However, lately the clutter on the side of the fridge had moved to the front.
Meanwhile, this blank wall was sitting waiting for something to liven it up.
Enter magnetic primer. Did you know such a thing existed? I just discovered it recently and was anxious to try it out.
With it's help, I transformed this blank wall into...
A fabulous place to display pictures without annoying my husband in the process! YAY! My two complaints/comments are 1) Even after three coats, it's not strong enough to hold up Rock's toy and our kitchen timer that were on the front of the fridge. And actually, only my super strong magnets were capable of holding up the pictures.
**So, if you see your picture on the fridge but not on the wall, don't stress. I didn't throw it out -- I just need to buy some more strong magnets. **

2) Even after three coats, it dried unevenly. I know it's supposed to be a primer so I should paint over it and make it look prettier. But honestly, I like the black color (the can says it will "dry a dark grey," but this wall is BLACK!). I think I'm going to leave it as is. What do you think?
And here's the clean fridge. I have to admit that Fix is right, it looks a lot better without all that clutter. I left the FIX magnets on it so no one will steal it when they come for dinner.


Nancy said...

LOVE it! May have to get me some of that!

ChrisandMissy said...

I like the black.

Susanna said...

Oooooh, I like. I like the black color, too - it's a nice contrast. You could always paint a layer of regular black paint over it - if the uneven-ness bothers you. I can't really see that in the pic, though, so it doesn't seem to be that bad. Maybe I'll change my mind when I see it in person.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I REALLY really like it! Your all-white kitchen could definitely handle the small black wall! I can't wait to see it in person! What a great idea! It will definitely grab people's attention when they walk in!

Christel said...

VERY COOL! I wonder if the magnetic primer would work under the chalkboard paint (I've seen that in kids play rooms and it looks really fun).

I think the black nicely frames the colorful collage of family/friends pics.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I definitely like this and I have actually been planning on using this technique on a wall. I'm so glad you test ran it for me so I know what I'm up against.

When we moved in here, it took me awhile to get my magnet collection on the fridge. Once I did, it looked so cluttered to me (because I had been looking at a nice black, bare fridge for months) and I decided I needed to come up with an alternate plan. There's a wall in the eating area/office nook that is mostly unseen so I figure this is the perfect wall for magnetic paint.

Thanks for the inspiration!