Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NYR #4, Creating a Crafting Closet

So, for awhile now, my sewing machine has been in our bedroom.
Without a home, my crafting tools/books/etc. have found their way into every nook and cranny of our house.
Although I tried to hide the clutter, it was clear that I needed a better space to store my crafting supplies.
Meanwhile, we have a closet upstairs that was not living up to it's full potential. Although I had stored some crafting supplies here, the space wasn't living up to it's full potential and neither was I (crafting-wise that is).
Hooray for the Container Store, a sale on Elfa storage systems, and a gift card from my parents!!!
It was so easy I could install it myself (except for a stubborn screw that needed my hubby's manpower).
And I am VERY pleased with the results!
The red accessories are from IKEA. My labeler got a workout as I made a place for everything and put everything in it's place.
Even my sewing kit got a revamp.
I love that there is space next to the shelves so I can store rolls of fabric and my cutting mats. There is also room for a folding chair (from IKEA) that I can easily hang up off to the side when I need to close the closet door.
I also purchased this handy thread storage rack. I am planning on screwing it into the wall to get it off the countertop as soon as I can spray paint it (too cold outside right now).
Well, by no means is this where my ultimate happiness comes from, but for now, I agree with Elfa! This organized closet has brought me a great deal of delight.
Not only did I organize my crafting and sewing supplies, but I finally have a place to create! Look for many more completed projects now that I have a place to complete them.
***A quick note on this stone. I used to work in a store that sold these clay 'stones' that had inspirational words on them. One day, I was unpacking a new shipment to put out on the retail floor when I noticed there were a few typos on the stones.... CREAIE, FOGUS, INSFIRE, GTVE. They were made in China and were even given a sticker to show that they passed inspection. We called the company and ordered a new set and I got to take these treasures home! I love them!


ChrisandMissy said...

Okay, you're starting to make me feel like a slug now.
It looks awesome. I really like the red containers too. Have fun creaiing.

Susanna said...

This post gives me a warm fuzzy feeling! I love organization...and I had even seen the closet already. That folding chair from Ikea is like icing on a cake!

Nancy said...

Totally looks like a professional job. You're amazing!

Fix said...

I used it to sew a couple things on Monday, and I can say that it is splendid. Good job on this, Rachel, whoever you are!

Rachel said...

Wow, this looks fantastic! You must be very proud. That space is so inspirational.

Rachel said...

I have long dreamed of creating my own closet like this. Yours is just fantastic! Looks like you used all that vertical space very well!