Friday, November 6, 2009

NYR #18, Lamp Makeover

The seeds of all these recent projects began so long ago. This one started at Model Home Interiors a few weeks after we moved into our house. We didn't like their color, but we loved their shape and the fact that these puppies are all made of real wood. We always planned to paint them. But two years later they weren't done.
Meanwhile, Rock knocked this one over so it had a nice crack at the bottom and a large paint gouge (can you see it?) midway up the side.
This picture better captures the before color. It was fine enough but didn't work with our room. Especially not with the new paint color. So, in the process of painting the room, we also repainted our lamps!
Again, no pictures of the painting process. But for those who care, first we repaired the bases (turns out they were both cracked). Then we applied three coats of primer with a small foam roller and a foam brush. For some reason I did the first coat extra light so it hardly counts -- normal painters could get away with two coats.
Then we bought a quart of the same Muslin White paint we used on the Living Room Art but this time used a semi-gloss finish. Turned out nice, no?
Then a few nights later my husband realized that the shade was sitting crooked on the top of one of the lamps. He tried to bend the bulb base just a bit to straighten it out. But he is a man of great strength and his gentle tug broke it right off. Then when we were trying to fix it, I dropped the base and cracked it again. Brilliant. We are waiting on replacement parts to arrive in the mail and then we'll fix the electrical work, repair the base (and repaint it?) and have her up and running. Again. Sigh.

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Susanna said...

I think they look fab...even if one is broken. Who would have thought just changing it to white would make such a difference?