Monday, November 2, 2009

NYR#16, Living Room Art

Shortly after we moved into our current house, I found some artwork at TJMaxx to put behind out living room sofa.
While I loved the style of these three metal pieces, after awhile I started to wish that they were the same color.And thankfully the scrolly parts were screwed on to the square parts so I just flipped them over and took them off to give them a new look.
To do this I sanded them down...
And painted them. I have no pictures of the painting process as that happened while my camera was being repaired (again). But if you must know, I did two coats of a spray primer and then used the paint tester pictured above (only 2 FL OZ. was plenty for this project) and a sponge brush to apply two coats of paint.
I was very pleased with the results.
But it wasn't until we painted the living room (that's NYR #17 to be posted tomorrow) that they really popped.
With the busy fabric below, I think the new paint cuts down on the visual clutter and makes the artwork even better. YAY!


Beck said...

Totally amazing make-over. And you really are putting me to shame with your ability to actually post the pics of your projects. I still need to post my remod pics of the rooms/projects I have done. You inspire me to try to get that done! Love the grey.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I never would have thought to sand them before painting them again. I'm amazed at how thorough you are in your projects! :)
I love the grey in your living room! And I hope you will find some curtains you love that will tie it all together too. And I still hope you never get rid of that comfy yellow couch....or if you DO...please send it my injured coccyx thinks it is PERFECT! ;)