Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NYR #19, Cushions for Church

My mom works with the children at her church. They recently moved to a new building and my mom bought some gliders and a rocker for the nursery rooms. They were in great condition but the cushions were a bit... um... outdated?
What? You can't see them?
See? Surprisingly enough, the church wasn't going for the faded brown roses look in their new nursery.
There we go! Much better!
My mom decided to forego the back cushion on these in favor of a blue pillow. But since I didn't make that, I took it off for the pictures.
Again, this dingy pink wasn't going to work with the church's yellow and blue color scheme.
Again, much better.


Susanna said...

Yeekers yikers - I don't think I ever saw the cushions before you worked on them. They really were wretched.

Bethany said...

LOL, yeekers yikers.... Nice job, they look great!

us. said...

That church has great cushions. I bet they have a nice asst. pastor too.