Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Things I Love! (Powdered Sugar)

If you remember, my husband has a corn allergy. The only powdered sugar that I could find was made of sugar and cornstarch. Thus, for a little over a year, I've been grinding sugar in a coffee grinder and mixing it with potato starch. It's a tedious process. But I did it because I truly believed that ALL powdered sugar had cornstarch in it.
I stand corrected. And I am SO happy to stand corrected.
Whole Foods, bless them, has made a powdered sugar out of cane sugar and tapioca starch! It is all organic and it is GRRRRRRRRREAT!
Bring on the Christmas sugar cookies! I'm back in the baking swing of things!


Susanna said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!! I want a piece of that cake right now. It looks delicious.

Nancy said...

That's awesome! Missed you this morning.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that cake was tastetastic. At least, it looks like the one that Rock stepped in. Quite yummy even with the foot prints.

Deb said...

Hmmmm....I suddenly have a hankering for something sweet.